We realize that when people call us - this is not a spur of the moment call. People have been thinking about their disorganization for a long time. They call when they are near or in a crisis and this is the hardest call they have to make.
We are here to help – without criticism or judgment.

Grand Solutions LLC provides a variety of services to fit your individual needs:


1. Sort and organize belongings

2. Provide solutions for discarding unwanted items. Unusual donation sites that meet your needs can include: Consignment Shops, Antique dealers, Collectors

3. Space and reorganization planning

4. Develop organization systems

5. Paper and Information Management including:
File systems for home or office
Mail Center
Family Organization/Schedules

6. Purchase storage supplies – no transportation/shopping charge

7. Downsize/relocation/home staging
Moving In or Out:

Manage all of the details of your move
Declutter & prepare house for sale
Inventory, categorize and prepare for packing
Unpack & organize contents of home



8. Senior Citizen Specialists

9. Household Management While You are Away

10. Personal Services
Letter writing, correspondence

11. Personal Gift Shopping
Business or personal
Holiday shopping & preparation

12. Maintenance Services
Weekly, monthly or timely follow-up visits are available to maintain organization